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EduKick Spain Summer Soccer Camp + Tournament

Our EduKick Spain Football Academy platform allows players to use technological tools to visually understand their weaknesses and strengths, forming more intelligent players capable of making the best decision in a more competitive environment. We carry out evaluations of our players through our personalized reports and where we can analyze their technical-tactical abilities, skills, physical aspects, and discipline.

Edukick Spain is a top-level sports project, in which male and female players, aged between 13-18, enjoy football while learning and playing with the best professionals. This unique Spanish Futbol Camp includes Spanish language study and a Youth Futbol Tournament (July 1-6, 2021)!

Our Edukick Soccer Camp programme is designed in a way which provides the ideal atmosphere for the training of young footballers from all over the world.The program offers an individualized development that guarantees the objectives and goals creating a perfect adaptation in each of the programs.

One of the main objectives is to make participants more motivated for practicing football after training with professionals from first level clubs.

We will promote coexistence, cooperation and interaction between participants by practicing football and promoting values such as friendship, self-esteem, companionship and fair play.

We will develop learning through a global training system via the game and resolve technical-tactical situations by stressing the importance of making decisions in real play situations, thus contributing to the maturation and personal autonomy.

Football is a fundamental tool for the incorporation of the principles of coexistence and teamwork for our participants, which will serve them in the future for their social and cultural integration.

During the week of the soccer camp, our students will receive our sevice and training.

The company has its own personalised service, within an incomparable setting and first class facilities.

Training Facilities

Our main training facility, Sotogrande, is located 15 km from the accommodation. Offering all the necessities to our players for their daily training sessions.

In one of the most exclusive locations in Spain, Santa Maria Polo Club we will conduct all weekly training sessions where we have 25 natural grass pitches available to our players.

Your EduKick Spain Football & Education Program Includes

We Train Football Players For The Best Clubs In Europe.

Your future football career can begin immediately after accessing the EduKick Soccer Camp programme.
Our entire team of UEFA Pro coaches will be at your disposal!


The aim of our methodology is to create more intelligent players resuting in a person capable of taking the best decisions in the most competitive environments.


Our programmes are surrounded by the best professionals in the world of football, and we have effective educational and technological tools at the service of our players enviroments.


All the technification sessions will be given alternately in a bilingual form in ENGLISH and SPANISH.


We improve the technical-tactical level of our players. We develop your agility, coordination, flexibility, technical ball skills and tactical awareness.


Within our training sessions we identify and improve the players weaknesses and work to optimize their strenghts and abilities. This program will also allow us to develop the player´s social skills in the shortest time posible.


Our centre of excellence offers all services and tools to our players for their training sessions and their daily routine.